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Breeds Supplied

Light Sussex Star:

Egg colour: brown

Calm in nature, this bird’s colourings are almost always white with black tips to her wings and her tail feathers, and also her collar. Occasionally flecked with the odd brown feathers over her body.

Light Sussex Star


Egg colour: brown

This all-rounder is often used in France as a commercial layer. The basic plumage is jet black with a lovely variety of colours besides. Some have green and purple hues whilst others show “gingery” browns. A true beauty.


Blue Bell

Egg colour: light brown, with a plum blush

This is a noticeably large chick! A wonderfully calm nature makes her a great choice. Colour varies from light violet grey through to a dark, steely grey and sometimes a lovely brown feathering joins the mix.

Blue Bell

Isa Brown:

Egg colour: brown

The ISA Brown is a hybrid, not a true breed. It is known for its high egg production of approximately 300 eggs per hen in the first year oy laying.

Isa Brown


Egg colour: brown

  • Hybrid laying hen
  • Good all-rounder
  • Ideal for gardens and free range
  • Good consistent layer, easy to handle
  • Black with speckles all over
  • 4 oz of feed daily

Magpie Hen:

Egg colour: brown

  • Hybrid laying hen
  • Medium size hen
  • Calm nature
  • Ideal for gardens and free range
  • Black with white front
  • 4oz feed daily
Magpie Hen

White Star (Longhorn):

Egg colour: white

  • Non Hybrid laying hen
  • Good layer, up to 300 eggs
  • Ideal for gardens and free range
  • 2oz feed daily
White Star

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